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API is enabled in beta version/mode. We do not guarantee stability of this solution. It is treated as add on that is not mandatory for proper usage of Looko2 sensor. It can be disabled anytime without providing reason. It is not allowed to create commercial apps based on API. Do not refresh API / do not request API data more than once per 20 minutes as token can be blocked automatically. If you are interested in commercial use of API, contact us via email.



Looko2 API has been build as a base solution for looko2 sensors. Using various methods (mentioned below) you can connect your sensor to home automation or pull data to your server. Very easy to use – allows quick integration with various platforms and solutions.


You need a token to use Looko2 API

Contact us – kontakt@looko2.com to get your unique token. Use this token in &token argument value.

FIBARO home automation integration
Use Looko2 in your FIBARO smart home (by wronski3). Follow this Link

Home Assistant home automation integration

Use Looko2 with your Home Assistant (by Piotr M.). Follow this Link

Do you need another API method ?
Contact us – kontakt@looko2.com

Data delay
Delay in data (real sensor readout vs API data) is 20 minutes. It is advised to refresh data once per 25min.


Public API methods (https is supported)
Generates picture style widget.

Generates picture style widget v2.

Returns full info about looko2 sensor and last values.

Returns closest to provided GPS data Looko2 values.

Returns IJP value for Fibaro home automation

Returns RSS info for selected Looko2 sensor

Returns all LookO2 sensor data in one message.



[ESC] lub

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