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9 September 2020  |   News

Thank you for purchasing our product. Below are the most frequently asked questions and answers.

1.After purchasing the device, is it necessary to pay a subscription for using the looko2 platform? REPLY: No – we do not charge for using the platform and data visualization. The customer can buy additional options according to their preferences, which may be subject to additional fees – more information at https://sklep.looko2.com

2.How do I find my sensor on the map? REPLY: The sensor can be easily found on the map by clicking on one of the existing sensors and then using the Find sensor field on the right side of the screen.

It is enough to start typing the beginning of the sensor name and the rest of the name will be completed by the system. After finding your sensor name, press the Search button. After redirecting to the page of readings from your sensor, we suggest saving it in your favorites in order to open the above readings faster.

3.Is it possible to change the sensor configuration after saving it? REPLY: For safety reasons, this is possible only after the sensor has been reset.

4.My router has a problem, after the lack of Internet, it does not let the sensor re-enter, which is reflected in the lack of data in the graphs. Restarting the router or sensor corrects the situation. REPLY: In the latest software version (1.0) there is a SmartBoot option that addresses the subject. You can check your current software version on the right side of the screen with the readings results:

5.If I have a previous version of the software, is the update necessary? REPLY: No, if there are no problems described above, you do not need to update the sensor software, however, if the sensor software is version 0.9.5 or lower (e.g. 0.9.3) – we recommend that you consider this update at your next cleaning visit and check the consistency of the sensor readings on our website. More information at https://sklep.looko2.com

6.My sensor data reading page says it’s blocked – what does that mean? REPLY:Your sensor sent incorrect data and the server blocked the data presentation. It should be checked whether the sensor has not been flooded (with correct installation it is not possible), dirty or that no one has made a “test” blowing into it, for example smoke. The sensor will automatically unlock after midnight. If the problem persists – the system will block it again. Please contact us by e-mail to arrange a service visit.

7.My sensor data reading page indicates the sensor has not reported data in the last 10 minutes – what does this mean?

Your sensor has not sent data for the last 10 minutes and the visualization is held until another data sample is received. Please check the availability of the Internet, WiFi coverage and (if necessary) turn off and reconnect the device (router or sensor) to the power supply again. This could be a one-time problem. If it appears, activate the SmartBoot option (reconfiguring the sensor) (in the case of software 1.0 and above) or make an e-mail appointment for a service visit. If your router has the WMM option – please turn it off.

8.How often should the sensor be cleaned to ensure its longest operation? REPLY:
We suggest a service every 12 months (before or after the “smog” season). By visiting us in the service, you will receive the latest sensor software, clean the laser unit and check the consistency of readings with the new laser module.



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